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“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.”


Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

The Scope





The Principles

nStratagem’s Academy of Confidence was established to help individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to adapt and evolve to a fast changing world by building self-confidence and self-belief through clear strategy and practical and effective tools, methods and resources. 

Change often brings stress, anxiety and conflict in relationships which requires careful management and resolution.  Having copious amounts of confidence and self-belief will build fortitude and we are excited to have this Academy set up for this purpose.

Whether its psychological resilience, building the confidence of leaders and teams or adapting the culture of an entire organisation, all will require to move in a new and evolutionary direction and we have both the expertise and experience that can make that happen.

Personal and professional resilience is now the new norm and nStratagem’s Academy of Confidence is an exciting and comprehensive resource for resilience and self-belief that we are proud to offer our clients. Whether a single individual or a large organisation – we are there for you.

The Charter
(Apart From The Herd)

  • AoC has a purpose to develop resilience, tenacity, fortitude, self-belief and leadership in individuals, through clear strategy, goal setting, skill development, emotional support and professional guidance.
  • AoC is a completely new approach to developing self-belief and self-worth for personal and professional success and fulfilment.
  • AoC provides innovative strategies and interventions for individuals, teams and organisations.
  • AoC draws on the experiences of leaders who have themselves faced the heat of critical real-life situations and brought order to chaos.
  • AoC challenges conventional training related to strengthening self-belief and confidence.
  • AoC is a centre of excellence in developing self-confidence practice by leveraging the strength of its faculty of inspiring individuals who have literally ‘been there, done that’ on the ground – role models par excellence.


Specialised Membership Packages for Organisations

The Academy of Confidence provides organisations with a suite of services related to Confidence and Self-Belief.  

Please reach out to us for a free consultation as we would be happy to share further details with you on this innovative resource.

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