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Bex Walker

Bex began her career in the British Army where she enhanced her natural ability as a leader and in subsequent years, empowered her to develop the talent of those around her. She served operationally in Bosnia with the pinnacle of her military career supporting UNHCR, leading a small team through a time of crisis. 1995 saw the unimaginable ethnic cleansing of over 8,000 Bosnians, mainly men and boys. Their wives, mothers, children, sisters and family members, now refugees, were temporarily sheltered in the Northern Bosnian town of Tuzla, on the Airbase with the longest runway in Europe. Bex, with her team, had to adapt fast to this crisis and assist in the strategic, and operational plan to find a solution to get critical supplies to the refugees.

With a multinational force and a collective ownership, she integrated her team into the core of the objective. It was from this point onwards that Bex ensured her career enabled her to influence the performance of others, wishing to build a foundation of high performing individuals and teams within an authentic organisational culture. Understanding the necessity of a strategic plan to overcome times of crisis.

Her unconventional career has taken her to the UAE, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Latvia, South Africa and Nepal. More recently and, for an extended period of time, to the Middle East with the majority of that time spent in Iraq supporting Oil & Gas Clients and immersing herself in the local culture. Her extensive travel overseas has facilitated her ability to deeply understand the importance of bringing together multinational teams of varying ethnicities, capabilities and maximising limited resources. Her experience includes building Management and Project Teams in hazardous environments. From the planning and resourcing phase, to operational delivery often having faced challenges due to a genuine threat to life and having to overcome obstacles to ensure business continuity. More recently in Lagos, she played a strategic role as part of an internationally led, locally delivered solution to a complex deliverable.

Bex has experience of implementing change in order to meet an organisation’s redefined strategy, within a competitive sector, with a diverse geographical and cultural footprint.

Specifically, her involvement and contribution enabled the assessment, adaption and unification of HR Policy, Process, Procedure and most importantly People. She has first-hand experience of implementing a people-centred approach which does not deviate from the strategic vision and mission. Using positive communication and messaging to intimately understand each individual role within the HR Department is essential, building trust to leverage experience, capability, confidence, self-belief and character to implement strategic change.