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As an avid golfer and practitioner of organisational culture development and change management for many years, this article made me chuckle. A


“DURING TIMES OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT, TELLING THE TRUTH BECOMES A REVOLUTIONARY ACT”. George Orwell Mitt Romney (Republican Senator – Utah) recently said

Courage is a precious commodity in human character and an important aspect to any effective leaders ability to influence.  Courage comes from deep

Organizational Values Myth

I think we all need to wake up to the fact that organizations are artificial constructs and stop the pretence that they

Trapped Democracy

Politics plays a pivotal and pervasive role in the lives of people in the UK and always has.  It pervades every aspect of

Intelligent Management

There are two management adages that often get quoted in policy development circles – namely: “What gets measured gets done” (or some

Talent Management

A new style of Leadership – A new way of Life Look – First impressions are vital as we make up 90% of

Do I Deserve The Life I Have

Life is a bowl of Cherries or is it a box of Chocolates? Nevertheless, this is a serious existential question that you

Body Language Communication

Learning to read body language is essential when negotiating with clients or customers. A deal can be lost if we are unable

Get Confident

We all lack confidence at some time in our lives. Even the most self-assured looking men and women feel apprehensive at the

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I often find myself – in day to day conversation – using common phrases/sayings that I have been taught and heard as

High Heels

As the gender pay gap is addressed by businesses, women are rewriting the rules for business success, this leadership will change businesses

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