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Gilly Crichton

Gilly has a unique blend of experience in the leadership, project management, pharmaceutical and legal areas. She is a Justice of the Peace (JP) and senior presiding magistrate in Southern England; equivalent to a ‘Tier One’ judge specialising in adult, youth and probation justice. She recently chaired the Magistrate’s Association of Surrey. She has been closely involved in the Digitisation of the Justice System programme and is a Ministry of Justice digital champion.

She began her career in the QA, manufacturing and research arena of the UK’s NHS. Her published drug research was inspired by Heriot Watt University and she gained membership of the Chartered Institute of Quality Assurance. She then pursued her career in the private pharmaceutical industry.

She has extensive experience in delivering complex projects, particularly in the pharmaceutical and resilience sectors. Her skill as an innovative thinker and practical ability to deliver successful programmes is something of which she is most proud. She has extensive experience with haematology and oncology, where she not only exceeded the goals agreed with her companies, but also provided for the best interests of patients receiving treatment. This approach was rewarded with a European Innovation Initiative Award for ensuring that the needs of patients were always at the forefront of medical intervention strategy. She was instrumental in bringing the private sector and the NHS together to achieve this desire.

She leads a Government ‘Call to Action’ to ensure that all patients received genetic profiling prior to chemotherapy treatment. The correct genetic profile results in patients receiving bespoke and targeted treatment. This saw a government/private industry congress to gain agreement to establish the national program of testing. As a result work an electronic dual prescription and patient management protocol was implemented, leading to patients receiving optimal treatment.

Gilly sits on a crime reduction steering committee at the UK Home Office focusing on new communications, surveillance and retail crime reduction initiatives. She provides technical advice and guidance about the use of new crime fighting technology. She is also part of a new government funded communications project. She has recently advised on a new CCTV standard for the Surveillance Camera Commissioner.

Gilly briefed Theresa May (then Home Secretary) on equality and fairness was then invited by the Cabinet Office to sit on the High Level Working Group For Women. Led at ministerial level for the UK Government to place more women at senior levels across Government. Gilly still remains a member of this Cabinet Office group.

Gilly is a director and part of senior leadership teams for a number of companies. She is the MD of a ‘not for profit’ membership trade association based in the retail sector. She is also a founder and director of an international strategic resilience organisation, and has worked with her co-founders to build a consultancy with the highest global reputation.

She is the Commercial Director of the world’s first digital, online security portal creating a forum aimed specifically at the security and resilience sectors. She was integral in the launch of this organisation. This portal provides news, analysis, information, intelligence, digital learning and information about security related incidents and new products. This disruptive technology has been developed to highlight the expanding nature of the resilience market in a highly volatile and unstable World.

To nStratagem Gilly brings wisdom, expertise, passion and outstanding ability for excellence in Leadership, Transformation and Equality.