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Dr. Huw Edwards

Huw is a Senior Associate with nStratagem. In terms of consulting, Huw supports the development of the science based economy in the UK and abroad through a range of senior implementation roles, such as: BBSRC Coordinator of Industrial Neuroscience, founder Director DTI Diagnostics Club, founder Director British in vitro Diagnostics Association, founder Director Diagnox – Biotechnology Exploitation Platform, Co-Director BioCity Nottingham in its foundation year, foundation team member and part time Executive Badir for Biotechnology – the Saudi National Bioscience Incubator.

Huw is actively engaged in programmes to encourage economic growth via technology, he currently chairs the Thames Valley Berkshire European Structural Investment Funds committee, which manages regional funds from the EU. Huw sits as an advisor on the UK Government’s Growth Programme Board, which supports UK regional economic growth by coordinating the activities of five ministries.

Previously Huw was part of a small team developing and delivering the “innovation action tool kit” (IATK) products with Oxford Innovation and disseminating the tools in projects in France, Germany, Italy, Romania. The electronic version of the “IATK” was developed at the UK Growth Accelerator programme’s – “Growth Mapper”.

Huw has developed and delivered courses, workshops and consultancy for Governments in support of programmes to grow technology SMEs in Russia, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Colombia, Spain, Poland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines and Thailand.

Huw was an important contributor to the development and delivery of “innovation advisory services” in the UK. Work included the Innovation Advisory Service South East, West Midlands Innovation Advisory Service, the East of England Innovation Advisory Service and the EU funded “Grow Cornwall” programme.

In the technology finance arena Huw has worked closely with the Oxford Business Angel networks, has supported many “VC boot camps” across Europe in collaboration with Europe Unlimited, Tekes in Finland and the EU Regions of Excellence programme.