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Courage is a precious commodity in human character and an important aspect to any effective leader’s ability to influence.  Courage comes from deep within and is always on tap, always vigilant

Are you suffering from culture change fatigue? This is a common affliction suffered by those who have been made responsible to deliver culture change in organisations where expectations are high,

 Every CEO is the Chief Culture Officer One of the things I often hear from employees about culture change is “I thought it was just something HR did around diversity

The Encounter If you are currently in the middle of a culture change programme you may have encountered sub-cultures and even hidden cultures in your organisation. You may now be

To attract and retain the right talent you need the right culture and the right leadership. Do you have The Right Stuff? If you want to attract the best talent

If you want to learn about strategy, culture, leadership and be entertained simultaneously, I would highly recommend the political drams Baron Noir (French – Seasons 1 – 3) on Amazon

WHO OWNS CULTURE?  This may seem a trite question but think about the ramifications for a moment on all parties concerned to the “correct” answer.  Is it the CEO? Is

The GOAL OF CULTURE TRANSFORMATION is to create a values-driven company culture that drives sustainable short, medium and long-term success for all – both the company and its people. Culture

CONFIRMATION BIAS is a fascinating psycho-dynamic phenomena that makes culture change both complex and problematic as it impacts decision making, communication and human relations in organisations, for example. Confirmation bias

Breathe Life Into Your Values Living your values is a key component of culture development. Focus on ensuring that there are clear pathways and behavioural indicators that help breathe life

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT and CULTURE DEVELOPMENT. If you don’t build it, they will leave. According to the Corporate Leadership Council, employees who are committed and engaged at work perform 20% better

Some organisations believe that TALENT RETENTION is a natural by-product of being a good company. Wrong. Talent Retention is a complex issue and contrary to popular belief, there is no simple

PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTRACTING is the psycho-dynamic concept where there exists a tacit understanding between the employer and employee that goes beyond salary in exchange for performance. Here both parties “agree” to

The TWO SIDES OF ORGANISATION CULTURE are in a psycho-dynamic dance and if you are not aware of how they work in exestential tandem then this will be to your

As an avid golfer and practitioner of organisational culture development and change management for many years, this article made me chuckle. A superb read written by Samanth Subramanian. It gets

“DURING TIMES OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT, TELLING THE TRUTH BECOMES A REVOLUTIONARY ACT”. George Orwell Mitt Romney (Republican Senator – Utah) recently said that Donald Trump was the “900-pound Gorilla in

I think we all need to wake up to the fact that organizations are artificial constructs and stop the pretence that they are “real” and “living” organisms that have some

There are two management adages that often get quoted in policy development circles – namely: “What gets measured gets done” (or some variation of this); and “Culture eats strategy for

A new style of Leadership – A new way of Life Look – First impressions are vital as we make up 90% of our minds about something or someone within 20

I often find myself – in day to day conversation – using common phrases/sayings that I have been taught and heard as I’ve grown up. But I’ve learnt to also

As the gender pay gap is addressed by businesses, women are rewriting the rules for business success, this leadership will change businesses for the better. Closing or reporting the gender

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