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Jeff Little, MBE

Jeff is an entrepreneur, natural leader and he relishes new challenges. He excels at crisis management, business continuity and creating more resilient organisations. His career began in the army and he has undertaken operational tours in Turkey, Kosovo, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Brunei and Saudi Arabia. His diverse responsibilities have ranged from running multimillion pound procurement projects to masterminding the whole of the catering function for all 3 services. He has commanded at all levels from a troop of 30 soldiers to his Corps of over 19,000 regulars and 7,000 reserve soldiers. Involvement in crisis management situations such as the foot and mouth outbreak, the firefighters strikes and contingency planning for terrorism have given him a unique insight into leadership during crisis. He became a member of the directing staff on the army’s prestigious technical staff course and won the City and Guilds Institute Award for technology on 2001. He was made an OBE in 2005. He is a fellow of the Security Institute and the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

On leaving the army, he completed an MBA and studied emergency planning and disaster management at Coventry University. After holding business development director positions in engineering companies in Kuwait and the UK he became the CEO of the UK’s National Security Inspectorate (NSI).

Jeff is an expert in driving change in the security sector and creating situational and spatial awareness for companies and government departments wishing to increase their durability and readiness to cope with uncertainty and strategic shocks. He has planned and led some of the largest emergency planning exercises in the UK.

Jeff is passionate about strategic leadership and the development of leadership skills at the highest levels.

He is a qualified coach and mentor, keen to share his knowledge and experience with rising leaders across industry and government and develop team building activities to grow and strengthen teams at all levels.

Jeff brings a uniquely diverse view of contemporary leadership and problemsolving skills to nStrategem. This is underpinned by his dynamic and energetic ambition to offer his best for our clients internationally.