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Jo Wheeler

Jo is a multi-talented communicator. She is a TV/Radio Presenter, Scriptwriter, Corporate Presenter, Media Trainer & Conference Facilitator. She is a dynamic and passionate influencer. As a well known TV and Radio presenter she is seen internationally on Sky News in her role as a weather presenter but has a broad and varied history in radio, television and corporate presentation; both recorded and live.

A multi-faceted artiste, she has fulfilled roles as programme lead, news anchor, reporter, facilitator and voice over for the BBC, ITV and Sky as well as some of the country’s top companies. Her ability to absorb facts swiftly and to extrapolate possible solutions has secured her position as a desirable and effective chair for high level debates, such as the impact of prescription drugs on driving figures, as discussed by the NHS.

As a scriptwriter, she is most at ease with technical areas, having been contracted to Orion Airways (later Britannia), to incorporate their Omega Navigation Fit into their Boeing Fleet, and later to streamline all flying and cabin crew procedures; an endeavour that involved communicating with relevant parties to establish best practise in line with safety guidelines. PR Contracts have included Carl Zeiss (Oberkochen), theodolites and tacheometers, Crosfield Electronics and Raleigh bicycles.

Jo has also produced corporate films for Audi, Volkswagen, BT, Boots, British Rail, Jungheinrich, Pirelli, BT Compaq, IBM Computers and PCL Cygnus. She has done voice overs for Barclaycard, Kodak, Central Digital, Marconi, Esolidar and Buzz Streets.

She also taught music in an International School in the Algarve, Portugal, developing skills she has gone on to use for media training (most recently for the UK Society of Celebrants and presenters for ‘ULMS’ News at Liverpool University Business School), ‘business and social’ etiquette and ‘effective communication. Over the years she has trained many recognisable media figures to present themselves professionally and authoritatively according to on-air trends and demands.

Jo is much in demand as a speaker and her engagements have necessitated an expanded repertoire and she has spoken on myriad subjects, from meteorology, broadcast television and the supernatural, to life as an expat, animal psychology and dwindling music tuition. The digital age is a recurring theme however. Jo was invited to lecture on the subject of ‘Evolving Technology in Media’ for students at Lincoln University; a lecture that was supported by information and photographs of her father’s early days at Granada TV, along with her own broadcast experiences with the BBC, ITV and Sky News.

Since then Jo has been called upon frequently, and by myriad groups, to give talks about ‘Evolving Technology’ in many and varied life paths. Jo always crafts her talks to reflect the demographics of her audience, gauging their technological grasp as a starting point for reflection and projection in such a way as to engage, inform and explore future possibilities.

A keen student of the correlation between technology and lifestyle, she is aware of how people’s lifestyles are becoming increasingly reliant on the technology around them, and how interpersonal skills are being lost as both work and social lives are conducted from behind a screen. Her favoured talks focus on subjects such as ‘The social impact of viewing trends,’ ‘Information assimilation and dissimilation,’ and ‘The Demon in your Pocket.’

nStratagem is also proud to have Jo offer strategies and techniques for creating a life balance between available and advancing technology, and personal well-being; skills that will become critical for mental wellbeing in the years to come.