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John Gunns

Jon is an enthusiastic, dynamic and versatile strategic designer, planner and an expert in the design of Corporate Doctrine and the delivery of training and live-exercises in the resilience and the counter-terrorist fields.

During his time in the British Army, Jon gained experience in counterterrorist operations and qualifications in bomb disposal and technical searchand he has operational experience in sensitive operations.

He also spent significant time in the training environment, including 2 years leading on developing the British Army’s training strategy. While leading the Command and Staff Trainer (UK Operations) he was responsible for the design and delivery of individual and collective UK multi-agency resilience training to strategic and tactical control headquarters and for providing validation assurance to the highest command levels.

Jon has gained wide multi-agency experience in civilian emergency training and operations. On leaving the Army, Jon gained a MSc in Business Continuity, Security and Emergency Management and subsequently specialised in the design of doctrine and processes and in the preparation and delivery of resilience and emergency management training and exercising in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Jon is the author of the UK government’s Emergency Planning College position paper on Developing and Delivering Exercises. As an associate of nStratagem, Jon brings a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of organisations, UK Government Departments, Emergency Services and civilian public and private organisations, as well as with overseas government and private agencies and with operational experience in sensitive operations.

Jon is a dynamic leader and communicator who knows how to get the best out of others and has added significant value to the many organisations he has worked with globally.