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Merger's & Acquisition's are complex projects with many independent parts that need to be synchronized to deliver stakeholder value and an efficient "joining-up" of all merging components to ensure on-going value.  Research consistently shows that M&A's often fail due to non-technical factors rather than finance and legal factors.

When so much is riding on such a critical project you need the experience and expertise to deliver it right the first time. You need the right Strategy, the right Planning, the right Execution at the right Time and the right Team.

Our world-class people, practical tools, proven experience and know-how can help you get it right, first time. 

A key member of our world-class M&A team, for example, is Dr. Tim Galpin, Tim is a world-renowned expert in M&A and Post Merger Acquisitions and literally wrote the best-selling book on this subject (The Complete Guide To Mergers and Acquisitions). He is also an expert in Strategy and Innovation and Senior Lecturer at SaÏd Business School, University of Oxford. A sample of our M&A team members is outlined below and you can see additional profiles of our M&A faculty in our People section.

Our Merger & Acquisition Team

Norm Murray, Founder

Norm Murray

Dr. Tim Galpin

Dr. Tim Galpin

Chris Lindsay, Associate

Chris Lindsay

Dr. Huw Edwards, Senior Associate

Dr. Huw Edwards

Christian Cleret, Associate

Christian Cleret

  • Norm Murray, Founder
  • Dr. Tim Galpin
  • Chris Lindsay, Associate
  • Dr. Huw Edwards, Senior Associate
  • Christian Cleret, Associate
  • Norm Murray, Founder

    Norm is an acclaimed strategist, coach and transformation expert. He is also an inspirational speaker, writer and a counsellor to leaders. He is a complex problem solver who has counselled Executive Leaders and Executive Boards worldwide from start-ups to major corporations in the Middle East, Asia, North America and Europe to achieve transformation, adaptation and enhanced performance results. His expertise also extends to working with government ministers and members of royal families. Norm is an expert in delivering transformation projects that directly improve corporation-wide business performance including influencing whole industries of a country. For example, Norm was responsible for developing the UK postal regulator - PostComm and the first industry skills regulator in Saudi Arabia - The National HRD Regulator.

    Norm began his career as a clinical psychologist helping executives through personal and professional challenges and was noted as being the first executive coach in Western Canada. Norm has legacy business transformation, economic development and social psychology projects in several countries including the UK. He is very proud of these projects. Norm is noted for his innovative thinking, bringing practical solutions to problems and passion for his work.

    Norm has also held leadership roles in influential global companies managing multimillion dollar budgets and multibillion-dollar funds, assets and high performing teams. For example, he was Head of Global Talent Managment, Executive Leadership development for Saudi Aramco (the world's largest Oil & Gas Company). He was also Head of Corporate Development for TMP Worldwide (the world's largest Search and Talent company). He has also delivered major projects for Allianze AG, Serco, Allen & Overy, GE, Siemens, Royal & SunAlliance, UBS, Ferrero, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Canada BrokerLink, to name a few major global corporations.

    Norm has also built several successful businesses and has worked in varying industries including Oil & Gas, Engineering, Banking & Finance, Health Care, IT, Education, Insurance, Retail and Law. Norm’s experience has enabled him to possess a complete 360° view of organizational functionality.

    As a thought leader, Norm has also presented at a number of international conferences, symposiums and workshops and been a visiting professor in Transformation & HR Strategy for several major international universities. Norm has a durable reputation for delivering innovative solutions to complex issues and thrives on achieving measurable results.

    Norm has several legacy business and economic projects with companies and governments worldwide but also achieved the following early pioneering work in Psychology and Social Change:

    • Norm lead Canada’s second largest Anger Management programme for both men and women.
    • Norm lead the only psycho-therapeutic support group for female victims of domestic violence in Canada.
    • Norm designed and ran a unique, first of its kind, psychological service program for the long-term unemployed both in the UK and Canada to manage depression which has impacted thousands of men, women and ethnic minorities.
    • For the government of Canada, Norm provided long-term unemployed women with a unique approach to building confidence and personal presence.
    • Held the position of Chairman of a significant non-profit Canadian organisation set up to assist women in practical ways, who were disenfranchised by their families.
    • Norm has delivered comprehensive development programmes to Saudi women in Saudi Arabia to enable them to become business managers and leaders.

    As a psychologist, Norm has also provided unique and purpose-built life-changing interventions in individual, marriage, family and group therapy.

    Norm's authentic nature, energy, enthusiasm and steadfast values are the keys to his professional and personal success as is his passion and dogged determination for helping others succeed.

    Norm has also been a formidable athlete having excelled in basketball and other sports

    As Founder and CEO of nStratagem Norm will continue to bring a powerful team, tools and resources to solving complex problems for organizations and their leaders enabling them to adapt and thrive often in face of great business and personal odds.

    Norm's Bio (PDF Download)

    Contact Us or call +44(0) 178 581 3347.

  • Dr. Tim Galpin

    Dr. Tim Galpin leads nStratagem's M&A division and is a renowned international expert in M&A strategy and implementation. Tim Galpin is also a Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, a consultant to boards and senior management, and author. Tim is also a regular contributor to the business media, and an accomplished public speaker. He possesses both academic experience since 2005, combined with over three decades of international professional experience as a management consultant and a senior executive.

    Throughout his career Tim has consulted to firms in various industries around the world, helping them to successfully plan and implement complex efforts, including strategy formulation and execution, M&A due diligence and integration, business restructuring, and organizational culture change. Since joining academia in 2005, he has continued an active consulting practice, with recent clients including Verizon, Tampa Electric, and Bank of America.

    Tim’s teaching, consulting, research, speaking, and publishing are in:

    • Strategy Formulation and Execution
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Organizational Transformation and Culture Change, and
    • Leading Sustainable Organizations

    In his current position Tim is responsible for teaching graduate MBA courses in Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. Tim was the recipient of the first annual University of Dallas Haggerty Teaching Excellence Award, as voted by the University of Dallas College of Business students and alumni in 2010. Tim's research focuses on the “cross-disciplinary” endeavors of Strategy Formulation and Execution, Mergers and Acquisitions, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Culture Change, and Leading Sustainable Organizations.

    Tim has authored four management books, based on his consulting experience and research:

    • The Human Side of Change
    • The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Making Strategy Work
    • Leading the Sustainable Organization

    Two of Tim’s books – The Human Side of Change and The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions – have achieved “best seller” status and have been published in five languages, including the best selling “how to” book on merger and acquisition strategy, due diligence, and post-deal integration – The Complete Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions. Tim has also authored numerous articles for publications including: Mergers & Acquisitions, Journal of Business Strategy, The Handbook of Business Strategy, World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Governance.

    As a recognized expert on strategy formulation and execution, mergers and acquisitions, workforce productivity improvement, organizational transformation, and culture change, Tim is often asked by the business media to provide insights on these topics. He has been featured on CNBC, Reuters Television, National Public Radio, and quoted in various publications throughout the world. Tim Galpin holds a Ph.D. in Organization Development from UCLA, a Masters degree in Management from Southern Illinois University, and is a former Instructor at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

    Tim's leadership and invaluable contribution to nStratagem's global M&A practice will assist our clients with the best thinking and practice in the M&A space.

    Tim's Bio (PDF Download)

    Contact Us or call +44(0) 178 581 3347

  • Chris Lindsay, Associate

    Capt. Chris Lindsay (RET) USN is a Senior Associate with nStrategem’s Strategy, Operations and Culture practices. Chris first served as a Senior Officer in the US Special Operations Community, and is an expert in the areas of leadership, teamwork, culture and organizational strategy. His education includes a BS from Duke University and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

    A military career spanning 3 decades presented some great leadership opportunities, including command of overseas Joint Special Operations units, command of all Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Selection and Training, and development of the first SEAL Commanding Officer Leadership course. He assessed, selected and trained elite warriors to serve on high performing teams under combat conditions. This resulted in an intense interest in leadership development and the forging of high performing teams – and the belief that any organization’s most reliable source of competitive advantage is it’s people.

    Since leaving active duty, Chris has combined work in both private and public sectors – leading the integration of a corporate acquisition and providing teamwork training, coaching, keynote talks and classroom training to organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Veterans Administration and Lisi Aerospace. He is also an instructor for the Loyola Marymount Executive MBA program, having created a Capstone Leadership Course which focuses on experiential learning.

    Chris will tell you that leading and mentoring military members was both an honor and a calling – that he witnessed inspiring examples of mission focus, unit trust and moral courage. He is passionate about the application of these qualities to your organization – and especially eager to create an action plan to apply lessons about teamwork, trust, and culture learned in the most demanding environment possible.

    Chris is a formidable talent and we are very proud and delighted to have Chris join nStratagem as he brings a unique and world-class experience and expertise to our professional team of industry experts. Chris's work will provide our clients with insights, methods and methodology that will give them that competitive advantage in a challenging world and marketplace.

    Chris's Bio (PDF Download)

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  • Dr. Huw Edwards, Senior Associate

    Huw is a Senior Associate with nStratagem. In terms of consulting, Huw supports the development of the science based economy in the UK and abroad through a range of senior implementation roles, such as: BBSRC Coordinator of Industrial Neuroscience, founder Director DTI Diagnostics Club, founder Director British in vitro Diagnostics Association, founder Director Diagnox – Biotechnology Exploitation Platform, Co-Director BioCity Nottingham in its foundation year, foundation team member and part time Executive Badir for Biotechnology – the Saudi National Bioscience Incubator.

    Huw is actively engaged in programmes to encourage economic growth via technology, he currently chairs the Thames Valley Berkshire European Structural Investment Funds committee, which manages regional funds from the EU. Huw sits as an advisor on the UK Government’s Growth Programme Board, which supports UK regional economic growth by coordinating the activities of five ministries.

    Previously Huw was part of a small team developing and delivering the “innovation action tool kit” (IATK) products with Oxford Innovation and disseminating the tools in projects in France, Germany, Italy, Romania. The electronic version of the “IATK” was developed at the UK Growth Accelerator programme’s – “Growth Mapper”.

    Huw has developed and delivered courses, workshops and consultancy for Governments in support of programmes to grow technology SMEs in Russia, Czech Republic, Finland, Lithuania, Colombia, Spain, Poland, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines and Thailand.

    Huw was an important contributor to the development and delivery of “innovation advisory services” in the UK. Work included the Innovation Advisory Service South East, West Midlands Innovation Advisory Service, the East of England Innovation Advisory Service and the EU funded “Grow Cornwall” programme.

    In the technology finance arena Huw has worked closely with the Oxford Business Angel networks, has supported many “VC boot camps” across Europe in collaboration with Europe Unlimited, Tekes in Finland and the EU Regions of Excellence programme.

    Huw's Bio (PDF Download)

    Contact Us or call +44(0) 178 581 3347

  • Christian Cleret, Associate

    Christian is a professional energy executive and entrepreneur. During a 35 year career spent in the oil and gas industry, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to instigate original solutions to business challenges, bringing about significant improvement to the profit line. Key to these successes is the strong belief Christian holds firstly in promoting staff awareness and adherence to a company’s corporate strategy, and empowering management to deliver on common objectives. Secondly, he insists on fluid communication with external financial and commercial partners, as well as transparency and consultation with government and regulators. An expert in the energy sector, he has managed many complex multi-million projects which have often involved innovative products, methods, and business practices, and the implementation of ground breaking partnerships.

    Having obtained a general engineering degree from the prestigious Ecole des Mines (France) and an advanced degree in chemical engineering from the French Institute of Petroleum, Christian began his career as a refinery engineer in Elf Aquitaine, a major oil company and worked his way up through technical, HR, commercial and trading assignments, culminating in his appointment to the position of Managing Director of Elf Oil UK. During his tenure as MD, he was co-opted by the major UK oil companies to act as chairman of UKPIA (UK Petroleum Industry Association), which he did between 1998 - 2000.

    Christian went on to hold a succession of top executive and CEO positions in smaller, entrepreneurial companies, both quoted and non-quoted. Christian acquired considerable experience of corporate transactions (acquisitions/sales, joint ventures, mergers), and of dealing with private equity groups, investment banks and private and public shareholders.

    Christian brings a wealth of expertise in strategic and transformational leadership, and broad experience and knowledge of working effectively in many diverse cultures and political environments at professional and government levels. The strategic view he adopts encompasses long-term economic, human, political and geopolitical aspects of a project, together with its technical and commercial aspects. He will often propose non-conventional solutions whilst taking into account the practicalities of their implementation.

    Christian is a Fellow of the Energy Institute (UK). He is also Chairman of Omnisens, a Swiss high technology company specialised in optic fibre on-line monitoring and an advisory board member of Brahms Oil Refineries Ltd., a company which promotes modular refineries in African countries.

    Christian's Bio (PDF Download)

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  • Norm Murray, Founder
  • Dr. Tim Galpin
  • Chris Lindsay, Associate
  • Dr. Huw Edwards, Senior Associate
  • Christian Cleret, Associate

Our M&A Consulting & Training Services

  • M&A project Strategy, Scoping and Planning.
  • Pre-Deal Due Diligence on M&A projects (Conduct non-traditional due diligence including: Culture Fit Assessment, "Executive Summit" facilitation, and key Talent Retention and Re-recruitment Planning).
  • Providing a comprehensive Post-Merger Integration (PMI) programme.
  • Fully train and equip in-house M&A and Finance Teams to deliver an M&A project.
  • Banking Partner Vetting Service -to find the right fit for your M&A project.


  • 3 Day Workshop "Maximizing Deal Value" for In-house M&A Teams with cross-functional representatives from: Finance, Strategy, IT, Operations, HR, Communications, Legal and Marketing etc. Open to C-Suite members as well.
  • 1 Day Executive Workshop "Strategic Planning and Execution for Successful Mergers & Acquisitions" - for C-Suite, Board Members and Equity Partners/Investors whose firms are currently pursuing an M&A strategy or are planning to conduct M&As in the future.
  • Strategy SuperLabs™ - Our 3 – 5 day proprietary process and unique programme of Live Complex Project Simulation with your team and our team of national and international experts.
  • Post M&A Guided Debrief© – One Day workshop with your M&A team and our acclaimed professionals to capture project knowledge, confirm lessons learned and establish formal and informal knowledge transfer.

Additional Services

  • Joint Venture Integration Programme (JVIP) - enabling better cultural and operational efficiencies.
  • Guidance on IPO's - Organizational Development with Due Diligence on preparing Organizational Culture, People, Policies and Processes.
  • Merger Repair - A formal strategy and intervention process to repair post-merger problems and challenges.
  • To date, our recent M&A projects have been in following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, Agriculture, Retail, Oil & Gas, Technology, Utilities, Insurance, Financial Services, Government and Private Equity.

    The Complete Guide To Mergers and Acquisitions

    Tim Galpin The Complete Guide To Mergers & Acquisitions
    “Galpin and Herndon’s third edition, updated with recent case examples, new tools and templates, and recent research findings, makes this required reading for anyone considering mergers and acquisitions.”

    — Fernando Paiz, Former Chairman, Walmart Central America

Examples Of Our M&A Projects

  • The merger of two large US-based, global chemical companies
  • The merger of two large Central American retail companies
  • The merger of two US-based online retail companies
  • Strategy implementation for a US-based oil and gas firm
  • The acquisition integration of two US West Coast-based oil and gas firms
  • The joint venture between a Texas-based, global technology firm and a Canadian-based financial services firm
  • The acquisition of a Canadian-based technology services firm by a Silicon Valley-based, global technology hardware firm
  • The acquisition integration of a Chicago-based software firm into a Silicon Valley-based software firm
  • The acquisition integration two large Canadian-based insurance firms
  • The merger of a Dallas-based with a Chicago-based insurance firm
  • Strategy implementation and culture change for a German-based, global industrial manufacturing and aerospace firm
  • The acquisition integration across various industry platform companies for a large, global private equity firm
  • Acquisition Strategy implementation and culture change for various US-Government agencies

Why nStratagem for Your M&A Projects?

  • Experienced Talent - Senior level talent on every project, with years of direct and relevant M&A experience.
  • Proven Resources - Tools, templates, know-how, case studies and processes for M&A success
  • Cost Effective - .We are not looking to flood your organization with junior associates so we can bill more fees.
  • Values - Total knowledge transfer and capability building, from our organization to yours.

Contact Us

The nStratagem brand is built on the quality of our people, the quality of our products/services and our values.  If you require a brochure on our M&A Services and/or our M&A Workshops please get in touch. We would also be happy to meet with you to fully outline our unique M&A proposal. 

Reach out to us: contact@nStratagem.com   Tel: +44(0) 178 581 3347.

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