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Merryn Myatt

After 20 years as a television presenter, newsreader and journalist, Merryn now shares her personal and professional skills helping individuals and corporate teams to be impressive and compelling, by communicating more effectively.

Infectiously positive, practical and down-to-earth, Merryn shares her extensive experience as a highly effective communicator, with global and grassroots organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors. Working with enterprises as diverse as financial institutions, manufacturers, tech businesses, healthcare, retailers, leisure companies, charities, trade bodies and even politicians, she reveals the astonishing power of effective, authentic communication…and the secret of being confident and impressive – even when you don’t feel it!

Public speaking, presentations, giving evidence in Courts or to Select Committees, pitching for new business, media encounters and job interviews – these are just some of the events where tip-top communication skills can be life-changing!

As a BBC and ITV newsreader for many years, Merryn has the stature and authority to lend events appropriate gravitas, while her natural warmth and sense of fun ensure a lively, sympathetic and professionally managed occasion.

As a journalist and broadcaster Merryn’s experience, in addition to news, included financial and business journalism (The Money Channel); consumer rights (BBC1 The Really Useful Show and ITV Consumer File). She has presented Woman’s Hour (BBC Radio 4) and worked on You & Yours (BBC Radio 4)

She is an engaging, articulate and thought-provoking speaker on a wide variety of subjects including:
▪ Why businesses can’t afford to ignore the Media
▪ Dealing with Media threats productively
▪ Why are journalists out to get us?
▪ PR disasters and how to avoid them!
▪ It Shouldn’t Happen to a Television Presenter – the blunders you don’t see
▪ Motivational subjects
▪ Numerous aspects of personal and professional development including changing habitual negative thoughts
▪ Confidence – fake it, it’s easier!

Merryn is available for:

• Hosting conferences
• Chairing debates
• Corporate interviews
• Presenting awards events
• Creating or presenting team-building events
• Keynote addresses
• After dinner speeches